Ecolibrium Energy: Predictive Energy Analytics for Converting Data into Dollars

CIO Vendor In India, nearly 500 Million people suffer from power cuts lasting several hours due to peak hour shortages. A small 3-5 percent efficiency improvement in a few power hungry industries can help provide reliable power to thousands of households and villages in the developing world.

Hailing from Ahmedabad, Ecolibrium Energy Private Limited is a pioneer of Energy Analytics helping businesses optimize their Energy consumption and maintenance costs. Being one of the leaders of predictive Energy Analytics for industrial and commercial enterprises in South Asia, the company has worked its way through educating customers about the perks of energy efficiency.

As organizations today emphasize on generating green energy, Ecolibrium’s SmartSense enables more than 500 commercial and industrial consumers and utilities in South Asia to save on energy expenditures and helps reduce machine maintenance and replacement costs. SmartSense provides businesses with predictive intelligence to optimize energy costs and asset uptime through actionable insights. This in turn saves up to 15 percent of energy and asset maintenance spends.

SmartSense comes with a wireless and cloud hosted data acquisition system, which is also easily integrated with existing IT systems such as SAP or any other IoT platform to deploy analytics. It utilizes IoT and machine learning algorithms to perform predictive maintenance of large equipment such as HVAC, Motors, Boilers and transformers to optimize their energy consumption. While ensuring actionable insights from BMS & SCADA, and automating Data Acquisition and Reporting, SmartSense also mitigates unplanned downtime due to breakdown, inefficiencies in equipment and production process.

Ecolibrium Energy intends to provide SmartSense analytics in a low cost SaaS model thereby aiding industries and buildings globally to
become key drivers in sustainability.

“SmartSense caters to 500+ industries and buildings across Asia, with more than 2000 MW under live monitoring and 200 million data points being analyzed daily”,states Chintan Soni, CEO, Ecolibrium.

SmartSense provides businesses with predictive intelligence to optimize energy costs and asset uptime

Moreover,SmartSense supports utilities to perform better consumer engagement through its mobile app and portal, provided to key high value consumers. As explained by Chintan Soni, SmartSense’s recently developed version SmartSense 2.0 has marked the homecoming of predictive intelligence for energy efficiency and asset maintenance. This new and improved version accounts for the shift from energy monitoring to energy intelligence. SmartSense 2.0 provides a health check of the entire enterprise's energy coupled with predictive maintenance of each asset.

Accolades through Performance

Over the year, Ecolibrium achieved several awards such as Ashden International Award 2017 for powering businesses with energy analytics, UNFCCC (United Nations Climate Change) ‘Momentum for change’ award, Frost & Sullivan - Energy Management Best Practices and Most Innovative Energy Efficiency Product by CII. The company also has launched an initiative for Smart Campus Cloud Network (SCCN)- a global network of educational institutes committed to make a tangible contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Having its footprints across India, Malaysia, and UAE, with eminent strategic partnerships with SAP,JLL and Vodafone, the company endeavors to create and validate new algorithms for Energy analytics, and expand globally in the coming years.