EFKON India: Turning the Wheels of Indian Traffic Innovations

CIO Vendor India’s growing economy and rapid urbanization call for a robust urban infrastructure to infiltrate domestic growth of the automotive sector. The Smart Cities Mission announced by the Government of India is the catalyst here. One major component of Smart Cities initiative is creating and developing an efficient urban mobility and public transport system that provides a variety of transport options. Towards this objective, Mumbai headquartered EFKON India Private Limited is a fully owned subsidiary of STRABAG SE (Austria) in providing end-to-end solutions for Intelligent Revenue Collection System (Toll Management & Parking Management), Advanced Traffic Management System (including Intelligent Lighting System) and Intelligent Transport Management System (Vehicle Tracking, In-Bus Surveillance).

Being an Indian company with European lineage and values, EFKON has a culture for a strong commitment to innovation. “The company is driven by the zeal to not just sell technology, but also sell the solutions that impact the society at large”, adds Rajat Mishra, CEO, EFKON India.

Indian Traffic Well Served

With the Government focusing on upgrading the Indian road network, clubbed with high-speed movement of vehicles, for road users safety and security it is vital to have a traffic management system in place to monitor various roadways. Efkon India’s Advance Traffic Management Systems is a comprehensive set of systems used for effective information capture and decimation to the road users for a safe and secure journey on the highway. To throw some facts, EFKON
India initiated its Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) business in India in the year 2007. In a span of 7 years, EFKON has successfully rolled out more than 30000 VTS On Board Unit (OBU) from its own factory at Baddi in Himachal Pradesh. This VTS solution is an integrated e-platform for monitoring vehicle movements, fuel levels and provides various meaningful MIS reports for the desired stakeholders of the system. Efkon India VTS System majorly caters to the commercial market that includes State Transport Units, Freight Movers, Passenger Buses, and Taxis.

Being an Indian company with European lineage and values, EFKON has a culture for a strong commitment to innovation

India has been importing technologies developed by Indians by paying huge sums for the same. Often these technologies prove to be incompatible in India due to not having been designed in Indian contexts. As a matter of fact, the United States has 4-5 by lanes on roads, whereas India, on the contrary, has 14, as Rajat explains. This is obviously due to the variants of buses, trucks, cars, and rickshaws. Turning the tables, EFKON has developed various products in-house, around AI technologies and selling overseas.

The company was established in the Indian market in 2001. Ever since EFKON’s focus has strengthened on continuous Innovation. EFKON’s R&D teams are based in Austria, India & South Africa. Along with this successful journey, EFKON received the coveted CII 2015 top 25 innovative organizations in India for its innovation driven solutions. Such accomplishments suggest EFKON is sure to evolve as a player in the smart city and smart management initiatives with every citizen having access to-safe and convenient urban city solution.