Electronet Equipments: Networking Water Measurement Solutions for Smart Cities

CIO Vendor One of a city's most important pieces of critical infrastructure is its Water System. With populations in cities growing, it is inevitable that water consumption will grow as well. The term "Smart Water" points to water and wastewater infrastructure management system. A smart water system is designed to gather meaningful and actionable data about the flow, pressure and distribution of a city's water. Incorporated in 1993, Electronet has emerged a key player in the Indian instrumentation and automation business. Being a flow meter manufacturing company based in Pune, Electronet has a plethora of equipments under manufacture – Electromagnetic flow meter, Ultrasonic flow meter, Turbine flow meter, Battery Operated flow meter with GSM, Battery Operated flow meter with RF, Digital Water Meters, Level Transmitter and Switches, Pres¬sure Transmitter and Switches, Temperature Transmitter and switches, pH Sensors, Conductivity Sensors, Loop Powered Indicators, Signal Isolators and Analytical Transmitters.

Automated Water Metering

The smart metering systems enable the franchisees to easily manage the utilities and help them in greatly improving the consumer service while refining the utility operations and asset management processes. The company’s water metering solutions are based on proven technology with a ready automated water meter reading system that allows a provider to personally read consumption data automatically, without disturbing consumers. Automatic meter reading (AMR)is a technology that automatically collects water
consumption data from a water meter device. This data is used for billing and water usage consumption analysis. AMR continually gathers data and can provide this information on a real-time basis. Usage data can be viewed at any time and once collected, is immediately stored in a cloud server with high data security. The data is collected using Walk by or Drive by methods. In fixed network installations, a software application running on the utility operator’s server handles two way end to end communications throughout the entire network. The whole distribution network can be continuously monitored real time by any specified interval reads. This in turn allows utilities company, derive benefits from accurate billing, easy remote monitoring, and detection and prevention of theft.

Due care is given, not just on the principle of operation,but also on the construction features and ease of handling and maintenance of the equipment

Electronet’s product are designed deploying appropriate technology to deliver reliable and best results for a given application area. Due care is given, not just on the principle of operation, but also on the construction features and ease of handling and maintenance of the equipment. Electronet provides complete solutions for flow measurement applications. The manufacturer continues to thrive as a dominant player in the water management sector by providing reliable, accurate and fast measurement monitoring solutions. Electronet plays a key role in process industry’s instrumentation and control with their experience in cutting edge design engineering and connectivity. With such efforts in place, the company aspires to provide smart solutions to the clients with quality work.