2020 Imaging: An Integrated Technology Platform to Bolster Smart City Governance

CIO Vendor Indian cities today are being increasingly burdened with heavy demands for energy, water, housing, pollution, traffic issues, as well as infrastructure and resource constraints. Consequently, the Smart City initiative has been proposed by the government to tackle these challenges associated with India’s massive urbanization and thereby build more models of sustainable urban life.

Despite this immense potential offered by smart cities to improve core infrastructure and to bring smarter living for citizens, the road to smart city development isn’t always a smooth one and is often paved with challenges with respect to policy development, combating security and privacy issues, staying abreast of technology advancements, and building cities with long-term sustainability. Perfectly understanding these different challenges, Thane headquartered 2020 Imaging steps forward to address them with its integrated technology platform, to help the country build smarter and secure city infrastructures.

Established in 2009, 2020 Imaging was incepted with a vision to enable Governments and Businesses to become more secure and intelligent through advanced data integration and visualization capabilities. Having incubated its technology in the UK while working with the University of Sussex, 2020 Imaging developed a collaborative platform to optimize Smart City administration through the integration of time, space, and location, thereby enabling enhanced data discovery and critical decision making with quick response times. With highly interactive interfaces, robust algorithms, and an easy-to-setup, modular and scalable architecture, this platform also serves to manage IoT Integration capabilities in sub-systems such as parking, environmental monitoring, water management, waste management, lighting, transportation, telecom and disaster management.
“2020 Imaging has designed its platform to provide a common operative picture that connects devices, systems, and people, with seamless integration of data sources to optimize security and governance across Smart Cities,” affirms Sanjeev Aggarwal, Head of Government Business, 2020 Imaging. With an objective to cater to every aspect of Smart City administration, 2020 imaging provides a complete framework of command and control solutions to ensure effective governance, safety and security of cities. Recognizing that Indian Smart Cities differ from their counterparts in the developed world, 2020 Imaging endeavors to equip them with an effective operational system that encompasses selfsustainability and revenue generation, along with integrated monitoring, reporting and tracking capabilities. Delving further into the company’s vision, Sanjeev remarks, “While developed countries already have smart elements in place, India is yet to build smart elements to generate data for analytics. Building an effective operational system hence becomes important for our country.”

2020 Imaging’s solutions are thus designed to cover the key aspects of Integration, Intelligence, Response, Resource Management and Citizen Involvement, with capabilities to integrate different systems for efficient city management. These solutions also ensure collaboration with multiple agencies such as police, hospitals, and fire brigades, while facilitating an integrated view of the city’s camera and devices, for better traffic and response management. Furthermore, 2020 Imaging also enables bi-directional interaction between citizens and their local authorities for better assistance, grievance and reporting, leading to overall citizen satisfaction.

Having operated in this segment for over a decade, 2020 Imaging has gained adequate industry expertise through its various engagements and has carved a niche for itself in this domain. In addition to supporting the government’s Smart City and Make in India initiative, the company intends to bring further innovations to the Enterprise sector across the segments of Manufacturing, BFSI, Commercial Buildings, Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare, Data Centers, and Energy markets. 2020 Imaging also envisions expanding into the Middle East and South Asia, in the upcoming future.