Horizon Technologies : Promoting Sustainable Living with Affordable Smart City Solutions

CIO Vendor As populations within cities exceed the ten million thresholds, urbanization is bringing in unprecedented demographic, environmental, economical and social challenges that limit a city’s capabilities in achieving sustainable development. Consequently, more and more governments are looking to implement Smart City Initiatives to ensure better infrastructure, health facilities, transportation and energy efficient housing, and thereby rejuvenate the ailing urban system. However, even if smart city models can lead to better city planning and management, building smart city infrastructures can be a daunting task owing to challenges that arise in funding, lack of appropriate planning and initiative, absence of center-state co-ordination, unavailability of adequate facilities and lack of awareness. Perfectly understanding these challenges, Noida headquartered Horizon Technologies steps forward to address them with affordable smart city solutions, to promote socio- economic development and more sustainable living.

Since its inception in 1994, Horizon Technologies, founded by Sudeep Dutt, a subsidiary of Horizon Group of Companies, has been working as a leading system integrator to provide an array of solutions for the Infrastructure, Industries and Buildings market. With a vision to develop engineering innovations and improve the quality of life for its customers, Horizon Technologies’ solutions have been designed to align with the specific requirements of customers in the field of, Smart City Solutions, SCADA and Industrial Automation Systems. Moreover, when it comes to solutions, the company serves as a ‘One Stop Solution House’ for all Automation Solutions including Smart Street Lighting controls, Energy management, IOT based Central Water Distribution Management, Home Automation and Building Automation systems. “The basic components that constitute a Smart City encompass Waste Management, Traffic Management, Water Distribution Management and Optimization of Electricity with Street Lights. Horizon Technologies is effectively catering to these requisites with its innovative solutions,” affirms Sudeep Dutt, Founder, Horizon Technologies.
With an objective to equip Smart Cities with efficient Smart Lighting Controls, Horizon Technologies designed its flagship product, "Lighto", a Centralised Street Light Control Solution with advanced communication design and capabilities for easy integration with existing installations. As a complete web-based server solution, “Lighto” enables timely operation of streetlights, dimming at off-peak hours, Feeder Pillar Fault Monitoring, automated reading of digital power meters in Feeder Pillars, High up-time and immediate Fault Rectification, Simplified Maintenance, Real-time control, and Loadbalancing, thereby lowering costs, reducing emissions and providing energy savings of upto 50 percent for the users. Furthermore, the company also provides Remote Monitoring and control for Water Distribution Management systems, to enable customers with more control options, performance and safety of equipment as well as the ability to reduce downtime by way of encouraging preventive maintenance and improving efficiency. Horizon Technologies also equips its customers with solutions for home automation and software development services. Horizon Technologies specializes in GPON solution “FTTH” for last mile connectivity for Multi-storied Buildings.

Horizon Technologies has executed a turnkey project for Ecentric solutions, in which they have created a Command & Control Centre, “CCC” for Kidwai Nagar “NBCC” Delhi, in which all the elements
of smart city like Surveillance, Water Management, Energy management, Smart Street-lighting, FTTH , IBMS integration, Traffic management, management of Voice , Data, Video , access control etc have been integrated.

Having operated in this industry for over two decades, Horizon Technologies has gained adequate industry expertise through its various engagements. The company has successfully deployed its services to an expansive clientele that includes ITC Ltd, NDMC, SDMC, EESL, PWD Delhi, Akshardham Temple, Quantela solutions and MAX Reality, to name a few. Leveraging this position, the company intends to bring significant innovations to digitize the field of Smart Solutions, Street lighting, Buildings, as well as different aspects of Smart City Development, in the upcoming future.