Inventum: Filling the Void for Home Grown Quality Networking Products

CIO Vendor From managing assets and resources to smart monitoring of infrastructure, from enabling smooth city operations to connecting citizens to e-governance, communication networks serve as the very backbone of smart cities. For Inventum, a dominant player in the telecom and communications space, the increasing popularity and the growth of smart cities was an opportunity to invigorate the landscape with its 15 years long experience and add more value. Inventum was incepted in 2003 with the mission to create an Indian equivalent of the most powerful networking companies. Creating ripples in a market dominated by international players, Inventum has developed some of the most cutting-edge communication and networking products right here in India that
is now competing in the global market place. The company is currently leading the smart city segment with over 8 smart city projects that are being realised with Inventum’s array of IoT, Wi-Fi, OSS/ BSS, routing and switching solutions including mobile apps that help the public play important roles as smart citizens.

Our products and solutions focus on addressing India specific challenges including real-time monitoring and 24x7 NOC services that are crucial for our customers to be successful in the long-term

Assisting Governing Bodies
“Building versus operating large scale networks are two separate things that bring forth their own unique challenges. For example, most public Wi-Fi hotspots offer a poor customer experience after the initial launch phase.” says Sachin Mehra, Founder & MD, Inventum.
“Our products and solutions focus on addressing India specific challenges including real-time monitoring and 24x7 NOC services that are crucial for our customers to be successful in the long-term,” he added. Perfected with extensive field experience such as India’s largest Wi-Fi network of 350,000 access points that Inventum helped build in 2009 for a major Indian ISP, the company has undeniably maintained a leadership position in the domestically manufactured networking and communications solutions market.

Inventum’s product portfolio includes an array of aggregation and edge Routers, Broadband Network Gateways (BNG), Virtual Routers (SDN/NFV), Carrier-Grade NAT (CGN), WLAN and OSS/ BSS solutions targeting high performance and scalability that smart cities demand.

Governing bodies, municipalities and network owners are further benefitted by Inventum’s operational and billing support systems that help identify users, usage patterns, locations and a plethora of data points. Inventum’s technology can also be leveraged to measure footfalls in public locations such as transport stations which in turn can be used to better plan and equip the infrastructure with such facilities. Inventum’s lawful monitoring solutions are aimed at the achievement of enhanced security, another key feature of smart cities. With the ability to track, decode and record illegal activities over the Internet, the company’s router and network probe can be useful for police, NIA, etc. On top of that, the long term digital evidence storage capability of these systems can prove to be crucial in the judicial system to ensure the highest level of safety and protection for citizens. Inventum has also been working closely with the TEC (Telecom Engineering Centre) in an attempt to standardise the minimum criteria for vendors in government projects and believes this is crucial in creating a level playing field as tenders are often influenced by foreign specifications. The company also feels strongly about India setting up its own standards bodies in the networking and communications sector along the lines of what China and the USA have already done.

Proudly making in India since its inception, Inventum is here to fill the void for quality home grown products. The company also exports its products with customers across 45 countries. Emerging as the leader in data networking product segment is what the company is
currently striving for.