LogicLadder: Making Cities Liveable and Sustainable with an Integrated Cloud Platform

CIO Vendor Unplanned urbanization has resulted in an environmental crisis. Cities are steadily becoming uninhabitable with increasing air, water, and solid waste pollution. However, with the advent of disruptive technologies such as IoT and Data Sciences, the eradication of these environmental challenges and the dream for a better world doesn’t seem far-fetched. With its technology centers in Noida and Gurgaon, energy and environment management solution provider LogicLadder has embarked on the mission to make cities liveable and sustainable again. The company is a joint venture of Mayank Chauhan and Atindra Chandel, each of whom brings in a decade-long experience in the IoT, Big Data, and Analytics world.

As a part of its mission, the company has devised its proprietary solution - The Sustainability Cloud. Implemented by cities, municipalities, large campuses and facilities, The Sustainability Cloud is an integrated cloud platform that is powered by LogicLadder’s state-of-the-art solutions -EnergyLogicIQ and EnviroLogicIQ to help communities to manage resources such as Energy, Water, Air, Noise and Solid Waste efficiently while delivering real-time data and actionable information through interactive dashboards and reports.

Solutions Powered by Disruptive Technologies
Designed to make acquiring, understanding and taking action following delivered insights easy, EnergyLogicIQ is a feature-rich energy intelligence solution that helps save energy and money.
What makes this solution especially appealing is its ability to drive accountability by identifying specific localities or industries that are capable of a higher degree of energy/water wastage or environmental pollution while also tracking their performance and comparing it against their counterparts. EnergyLogicIQ also facilitates users to visualize energy generation and consumption into renewable and non-renewable. On top of this, the platform boasts of the ability to perform over 130 million calculations on energy data to determine causes behind energy loss, inefficient assets and also identify areas for improvements. As such, EnergyLogicIQ proves to be a perfect fit for today’s energy-conscious enterprise. The platform is also equipped with an engagement module which helps consumers understand and take the necessary steps to reduce their energy footprint.

EnviroLogicIQ is LogicLadder’s next-generation software that captures data of both effluent and emissions. The platform leverages the power of disruptive technologies such as IoT for communication and Big Data for data storage and analytics and ensures that the data gathered from remote devices via GPRS, satellite, and broadband are reliable. In addition to this, EnviroLogicIQ continuously checks for station downtime, missing data or non-compliance and instantly triggers alerts over e-mail and SMS as and when issues related to connectivity or acquired data surfaces.

Widespread Implementations
Since its inception in 2011, LogicLadder’s portfolio of solutions has found implementation across more than 380 enterprises in both government and non-government segments. This has been made possible by the company’s skilled team of professionals and the strong network of partners and OEMs who execute and support projects and meet the requirements of clients pan India. LogicLadder has also taken up on a few small-scale projects in rural areas where environment data is critical to the crop yield. The company is currently in the process of piloting smart cities projects.