Oorja On Move: Engineering Green Energy Solutions for Smart City Projects

CIO Vendor Smart city development demands an uninterrupted energy supply to run its daily operations.
Conventional energy sources are expensive; it is fast depleting and will become extinct in the near future. Futuristic needs of smart city calls for adoptable, low maintenance and continuous energy supply to fulfill the energy requirements of city in cost effective and sustainable way. Y K Jain, CEO of Oorja On Move (OOM), is driving the company to cater to the need of efficient green energy solution for smart city projects.
Speaking about the company’s vision, Jain says, “For us at Oorja On Move, customers' needs drive the product innovations and strategy.

Our approach is to find out solutions in a most cost-effective and sustainable way.” The company specializes in energy for surveillance applications like ground and pole mounted junction box, Smart poles, UPS Backups and integration of entire systems on remote monitoring system. For the ground and pole mounted junction box OOM uses smart lithium batteries and solar power.

The team at OOM is led by Jain who has engineered and designed energy positive green buildings and has been awarded for his contribution in Solar PV advisory. He has also been an Energy consultant for Kota Smart City. The team strengthens with Mr. Prashant Arya (MD) and Mr Nisheeth Goel (Director) the experts in the domain who bring diverse experience and wisdom to develop innovative technological solutions. Commenting on the expertise and motivation of the OOM team, Mr. Arya says, “The domain understating of Power, Energy, Infrastructure, Telecom, Metal & Mine sectors etc. and deep technology understanding on Power (Generation / T&D / Storage),Energy Efficiency, Automation, Communication, Security and Surveillance etc. helps the team in 360 degree visualization of local conditions and to deliver economic, durable smart city energy solutions.”
The team has successfully delivered various smart city projects in Ahmedabad. It has also delivered itsservices of green power to telecom towers and banking branches across India. “The pan India presence of the team has helped the company deliver its services on a timely basis which has earned it a reputation of trusted vendor by most leading India brands,” adds Mr. Goel.

The success of a business lies in the strategic planning of upcoming products to meet the needs of the future. OOM anticipated that the growing demand of renewable mix in the energy sector will require the support of storage. As per the anticipation, Oorja team embarked into Li-based energy storage since inception. As a result of that, the company has successfully deployed 1MWh equivalent ESS in telecom sector and few banks. Commenting on the company’s successful implementation of storage products, Mr. Arya says, “Tracking the trends and researches going around helps us in better predictions of future advancements and preparedness.” He further elaborates about the research and development practices adopted by the team saying, “Since we operate and maintain our assets 24x7, we have first-hand feedback and learning from these deployments. We keep interacting at various forums and keep us updated with the advancements in the technologies, their pros-cons, challenges encountered by fellow users and the remedies worked.”

The company has also ventured into Solar Equipment (Inverters) manufacturing in addition to the storage, JB’s and Solar street lighting. Now it also supports the young entrepreneurs in Green Energy field by providing “All in One Box” Solutions i.e. Solar Kits, Design & Engineering, Hand holding, Training, lease financing support and trained manpower for project execution. The company has two of its products in pipeline, engineered for green energy solutions: EV charging stations for two and three wheelers powered with renewable energy along with battery swap stations, and a zero waste RO system designed to reduce water wastage in housing societies.