Proclivis Technology Solutions: Revamping the Smart Parking Technology Domain

CIO Vendor The ratio of vehicles to road network is completely disproportionate. Drivers are battling the issues of parking and congestion in India. The rapidly growing urban population with their need to own a private vehicle and lack of a holistic view of the available parking spaces is adding to the parking woes. Smart parking technology could potentially be the key to resolving this growing problem. However, India is still trying to catch up with better-developed nations in the areas of Intelligent Transport Solutions and Digitalizationin Residential Societies.

“One unique challenge that India faces when it comes to smart city infrastructure is that we need solutions that are specifically designed for us. Global Products and Solutions are based on clear international standards, but clearly, in India, we end up needing a lot more flexibility to accommodate use cases or scenarios which may never be a case elsewhere,” opines Premal Shah, Director at Proclivis Technology Solutions. Catering to the niche Indian market and mitigating the parking issues encountered by smart cities, Proclivis Technology Solutions, headquartered in Mumbai, facilitates local city corporations and private service providers with its robust and end-to-end solution, Smart Park.

Delivering a Better User Experience
Delving deeper into the offering, Smart Park (sPark) enables Local City Corporations to provide drivers easy access to on-street and off-street parking. It has been strategically designed to track the availability of their parking spaces.
With the world becoming increasingly tech-savvy, the solution is also linked to the customer’s mobile apps and LED displays which are used to broadcast parking availability data to all kinds of users on the road. As Proclivis has different solution flavours based on various technologies, Local city corporations are further benefitted from the solution as it also assists in significant cost reduction due to the opportunity and possibilities of optimization.

Aware that parking lots running on high capacities daily could translate to overwhelming amounts of data, the solution works ceaselessly to translate this influx of data into valuable information that helps city corporations and private players to conduct the operation of their Parking Lot efficiently. The information can be stored on cloud, saving disk space with the flexibility of accessing the data from any platform from any location. Furthermore, the team is working on infusing predictive analytics within the solution that will send across a notification to the customer as to when a parking space can be expected to be free.

Another one of the company’s core offering is Smart Knock that has been designed and developed specifically for residential societies to effectively manage daily visitors on a single app. The easy-to-use cloud-based solution maintains digital records of the visitor with face detection algorithms that record a clear image of the visitor. The team is currently working on building a stable Face Recognition solution where a comparison between the latest image received and the face detected in the last visit will be made for improved safety. Proclivis plans to continue equipping its novel products with exciting new features in tandem with advancing technologies.