QInfra Solutions: Integrating Smart City Systems together for Efficient Administration

CIO Vendor Urbanization is happening at a fast pace and the complexities are increasing manifold, making city administration even more challenging. Smart city model has emerged as a solution to overcome the shortfalls of legacy systems of city administration. However, incorporating and delivering smart civic amenities requires continuous and proper integration of complex systems to enable smooth functioning of the city. To address this crucial and challenging dimension of system integration for smart city administration, QInfra Solutions has positioned itself as an integrated service provider for smart cities. QInfra Solutions has a proven capability to execute large scale projects, integrating various technology platforms. It has delivered end-to-end solutions for smart cities. Talking about the functions of the company, Saurav Lenka, Business Head, QInfra Solutions says, “QInfra Solutions is an integrated service provider with a strong execution background and professional approach in doing business.” The success and market share of a business in the market is determined by the unique value it offers to its customers.

QInfra has differentiated itself in this domain by delivering world class service and maintaining cost effectiveness. Being in the domain of integrated business service, the company understands the needs of execution, speed and agility for functioning of a smart city. Talking of the differentiating factor, Lenka adds, “We have a customer centric approach. Our unique service offerings and cost effectiveness act as our key differentiators in this industry.” Smart city service equipments are automated, enabling real time facilities. To ensure uninterrupted services, these equipments need adequate maintenance.
QInfra provides its services for installation, commissioning and monitoring of smart meters. The company has delivered its service across many states like Delhi, Bihar, Jharkhand and other north eastern states. It possesses the required expertise and knowledge for successful installation and maintenance of the smart meters. The company has also partnered with leading OEMs in Smart Meter Manufacturing domain.

Another hurdle in delivering Smart city amenities to citizens is traffic congestion. Making transportation system more efficient and hassle-free is imperative for quality civic services. QInfra provides automated vehicle recognition and violation detection services for efficient traffic monitoring in the city. Lenka says, “We have deployed Intelligent Traffic Management Systems at traffic junctions across the Ahmedabad city.

The system uses Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) & Red Light Violation Detection (RLVD) techniques that monitor vehiclemovements further on the whole mechanism of fines and penalty, Lenka says, “The number plates of violating vehicles are captured in camera and through a centralised command and control center, traffic challans are generated automatically.”

The system is fully integrated with national Vahan database and holds updated information. The system also has ability to scale up for further analytics to perform background check of the owner or the vehicle and facilitate targeted policing.

The company has developed its roadmap in tune with government’s emphasis on digital India, infrastructure industry projects like smart cities, urban mobility and IT connectivity. Talking about the company’s project in pipeline, Lenka says, “Presently we are implementing two projects under Smart Cities. We have also taken up the responsibility of a Bharatnet project to create Information superhighway through broadband network.”