CIO Vendor Water conservation is really important for any city, as water is considered to be a city’s critical asset. Increased regulatory pressure and customer awareness are transforming the water management landscape. With growing population rates and such a small percentage of drinking water available, it is really important to preserve and conserve this precious resource. Quality Theorem’s Smart Water helps in reducing non-revenue water and provides great quality of water. With Quality Theorem’s QT-Aqua IoT, drinking and waste water can be monitored and managed easily. QT Aqua is the company’s best contribution in the area of water quality measurement. It is their biggest strength as they have around eight years of experience in this particular area. “We have one of the best Smart Water solutions in the market which is comprehensive, very robust, customer friendly, extremely reliable, flexible and scalable. The components used such as sensors, meters and gateways are world class in terms of quality,” says DBV Narasimham, CEO, Quality Theorem.

The QT-Aqua has two components, the first component deals with the quantity of water flow and the other deals with the quality of drinking water. Based on the source of water and studies made earlier, QT’s solution team along with other local bodies decide the level of contaminations to be measured. This solution contains sensors of world-class quality and can measure over 50 water contaminations and is made available to all the personnel right from the field operators, engineers to municipal commissioners, district collectors and to the local and state level political officers. The State Water Supply Corporations, Municipal Corporations and Rural Water Supply Departments are the various clients of Quality Theorem in this area.
The QT-Wast IoT is an IoT product of Quality Theorem that enables waste management and recycling companies to optimize their collection operations. Quality Theorem also has several IoT/ Smart products in its portfolio that are deployed such as smart effluent, smart health, and smart energy. In their solutions, the company uses only world-class materials and products that are time-tested and long-lasting, and this is what differentiates them from their competitors.

The company also offers other smart solutions such as Smart Virtual Office, Smart Fleet Management, Smart Asset Tracking, Smart Street Lights and Smart ATM Guard. Customers realize tremendous productivity gains by employing these solutions. For example, its Smart Virtual office solution is extensively being used by Municipal Corporations to track the locations and attendance of staff on a realtime basis; it also has a dashboard that gives a summary of people in the system, their current location, and their travel path.

Quality Theorem is a path breaker in the areas of Internet Of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, Big Data, Embedded Programming and Data Analytics and has positioned itself to be a go-to provider in the upcoming areas such as M2M, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Robotics. The team believes in quality delivery, quality deployment and quality service to the customers. As every customer’s needs are different, the company spends a huge amount of time in understanding the requirements of the customer and designing the solutions accordingly. Powered by the latest of technologies,
Quality Theorem envisions itself of becoming the go-to vendor in providing cost-effective technology solutions in the areas of water quality, water flow measurement, waste management, smart virtual offices and other smart solutions. These solutions will get continuous improvements on a regular basis based on the advancements made in VR, AR, AI, Deep Learning and drone technology. With its extra focus on the non-urban areas, Quality Theorem wants to be one of the leading providers of Smart/IoT technology services across the nation in the second- tier towns.