Crown Technologies: Enhancing Learning Experiences by Creating Life-Like Virtual World

CIO Vendor Technology has touched our lives in many ways and there is no sector untouched by technology today. Education is one of the many fields over which technology has a huge impact. In this age of digitalization, the class rooms have become Smart with many digital aids like Interactive Whiteboards, Touch Screens and Projectors. However, digitalization of class rooms is not as easy as it might seem, since it requires proper strategies and experience/expertise to implement technology in an efficient way. Acknowledging the challenges in digitalizing the class rooms and striving to address them, Crown Technologies has come forward with its solutions to give students a complete Life Like Virtual World Learning experience. Crown Technologies with its corporate office located in Hyderabad was started with a mission to impact the lives of students and teachers.

The development of any country depends largely on the standards of its education system. Crown Technologies aims to implement new technologies in the domain of education, thereby enabling students to succeed professionally with improved career opportunities and growth possibilities. Crown Technologies offers teaching and learning content to schools from national and international digital learning content providers in both 2D and 3D variants. Crown Technologies offers unique English learning programmes designed to enhance English language learning by following ‘Blended Learning’ concept which is a judicious mix of instructor led and computer based learning. Crown Technologies assists institutions in enabling students to showcase their talent, ensuring sharing of creative ideas and best practices. “We dream of a reality of a day when every classroom is technology enabled and contributing to concept based learning at every level, leading to application in real life situations. Crown Technologies is at the heart of this transformation by leveraging the latest e-learning content thereby creating a better skilled work force for tomorrow,” says Sathya Narayana, CEO of Crown Technologies.
Most schools and colleges focus on offering the best infrastructure to its students. Crown Technologies provides highly customized campus automation systems which enable the management to control the entire campus through processes tracking transport, attendance, administration, finance, accounts, and assessments of students. Apart from digital content and campus management tools, Crown Technologies also provides complete end-to-end hardware services to schools and colleges like Computers, Projectors and Smart Boards.

We dream of a reality of a day when every classroom is technology enabled and contributing to concept based learning at every level, leading to application in real life situations

Security is an aspect of utmost importance in the education institutions. Crown Technologies offers Security and Surveillance Systems for all institutions at critical places like hostels and dormitories.Crown Technologies provides handholding support to educational institutions forthe seamless transition from traditional class rooms to smart class rooms. The company also helps the educational institutes in recruiting the best faculty across the country from KG to PG and it has placed more than 500 professionals in the last 3 years.

“We are currently partnering with more than 180 schools in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra and Tamilnadu. We are planning to launch our sales operations in Karnataka, Kerala and Odisha in 2019- 2020. We aim to cross a turnover of Rs 12 Crores for 2019-2020 and be a 100 Crore company by 2024-2025,” concludes Sathya.