Tech Ocean: Bridging the GAP Between Technology and Quality Education

CIO Vendor The demand for quality education is rapidly growing, and we are witnessing a gradual rise in the adoption of technology in the education sector. Implementation of a broad range of advancing technologies will help enhance the learning process, and overcome the steep learning curve for the students by bridging the gap of in experienced teachers and the inadequacies in the educational infrastructures. The conventional brick and mortar classrooms are slowly giving way to e-learning as it opens new vistas and customized learning paths. When we look at the Interactive classroom market, studies conducted by Transparency Market Research predict that the Global Interactive Classroom Market is fore casted to reach 78.1 billion dollars by 2022. The Interactive classroom industry comprising the Interactive Multi Touch Panels and IR Touch White Boards is displaying great potential with the advent of interactive classes and implementation of digital education.

At the forefront of driving the Interactive classroom market in India is Tech Ocean headquartered in Chennai and providing state-of-the-art comprehensive suite of technology solutions successfully delivered through a team of presales, post sales, project implementation and support experts. The company boasts of a robust and innovative range of solutions owing to its ability to continually develop new products in tandem with emerging technologies and practicing global standards of quality and service there by assuring superior customer satisfaction.

Tech Ocean has established strong industry ties with the highest level of accreditation with leading Brands & has achieved immense appreciation from our satisfied clients. This is an enabler for us to deliver best in class classroom solutions in the educational technology area through our team of R & D engineers, presales, postsales, project implementation and support experts.

The key to building such a successful range lies with our ability to continuously innovate, adapt and develop new products that drive innovation. This requires an excellent market understanding and the very best R&D engineers, which we have. Tech Ocean has a continuous new product roadmap which ensures that we can always provide our partners with innovative applications with the very latest in technology.

Tech Ocean believes in complete customer satisfaction by practicing global standards of quality and service. Starting from processing client requests, through the entire cycle up to delivery, implementation, maintenance and support, the focus is on customer’s real time needs, attention to detail and persistence to maintain stringent quality standards that ensure the customers of Tech Ocean uncompromising quality and pave way for enduring and mutually rewarding relationships. “Customer service and customer satisfaction is our motto, and that is the reason most of the clients prefer Tech Ocean over any other company,” says Ashok Kumar, Managing Director of Tech Ocean.

Delving Deeper into the Core Offerings
Seamlessly replacing the various existing traditional educational models,
the company leverages its excellent market understanding and expert R&D engineers to develop and deliver cutting edge products. Interactive multi touch panels, Interactive Touch Tables, Optical Touch Interactive White Board, are some of the products that belong to this product portfolio.

Ashok believes that Interactive Multi Touch Panels are going to be the goto product for e-learning due to its ease of deployment, user friendliness and adaptability. Enriching the learning process, the Newline Multi Touch Flat LED Display Panel is a Versatile, Integrated and Interactive Touch Display Solution that can be availed in a series with various sizes to cater the display requirements, from 65 inches to a massive 86 inches of display size. An optional Wireless Interactive Presentation Solution can connect the panel to external gadgets (Microsoft/Android/iOS)wirelessly without the need of any external power source. In essence, the feature rich product acts as a Plug and Play without any installation with MultiTouch, High Definition Display and Single Cable Connectivity.

Customer service and customer satisfaction is our motto, and that is the reason most of the clients prefer Tech Ocean over any other company

It drastically improves the efficiency of all types of meetings, both daily discussions and major presentations. It also allows information to be effectively shared between presenters and participants, and even with people who cannot attend the meetings thus not missing out on any important information discussed. With a proven track record, Ashok reveals some of clients they have catered to and built strong relationships with over the years such as CITI Bank in Bangalore, GAVS Technologies, Nandkamal Infotech, Colan Infotech, Puthiya Thalamurai News Channel, Lucas TVS (Chennai) SRM University, Anna University, Asian Media College of Journalism, Presidency College, Sarah Tucker College, St Johns College, Vivekanand Group of Institutions, Billabong High, SRV Public School, Oxaliss International, JS Global Academy, Mount Litera Zee School among Others.

Tech Ocean offers an array of next generation interactive optical touch whiteboards that harness the power of the latest technologies. Candy pop Interactive Whiteboard from Tech Ocean Stable is a cost effective product which is easy to upgrade, install and maintain. It supports dual touch where teams can work on the board, annotate over the lesson content through the lesson planning board software with gesture based interaction on any surface. Carving a niche for itself in the interactive whiteboard segment, Tech Ocean has worked with a myriad of renowned institutions; MIT Campus Anna university, ACT College of Engineering, St. Joseph College of Engineering, V.I.T University, Sarah Tucker College Tirunelveli, Indian Institute of Packaging, Vignan Institute of Management Hyderabad Vivekananda Group of Schools, Nehru Centenary School and N.S. Memorial Institute, to name a few.

Perfectly blending technology with creativity, Tech Ocean has a continuous new product roadmap that is dedicated to providing its partners with innovative solutions with the very latest in technology.