Sensus: A Xylem Brand Enabling Water Affordability And Sustainability With Smart Water Metering

CIO Vendor Over the years, usage of mechanical water meters has been the ideal choice. However, such water meters have a short life span as they are prone to wear and tear, causing inaccurate readings and demanding frequent maintenance. They may even deliver erroneous readings by measuring air flow. While mechanical water meters have largely dominated the Indian market, static water metering solutions are gradually taking over this position owing to the need for better connectivity and seamless communication in this digitally connected world. Recent improvements and cost effectiveness in communication technologies have resulted in holistic collection of data generated by these meters that are then relayed to the utility’s central server to store and analyze the data. All in all, smart water meters assist utilities with better capabilities such as flexible data recording and real-time analytics. The progress made in leaps and bounds in metering and communication technologies have translated into improved and integrated methods of communication, metering, data collection and storage and data analytics for better insights. Automatic meter reading (AMR) and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) are two technologies that have significantly impacted the water metering infrastructure. There is now the need for solution providers to ensure a seamless and easy transition.

One of the leading solution providers spearheading this very transition in India is Sensus, a Xylem brand, with its comprehensive suite of utility grade communication systems and smart meters. The company prides itself on its recent strategic alliance with Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) in the implementation of innovative round-the-clock water distribution project. PMC has invested in more than 3,00,000 smart water meters (iPERL) with an aim to supply continuous water, accurate data on billing and drastically reduce water loss. The smart meters are designed to monitor, measure, and efficiently manage water activity across the PMC network. “We see that in accordance with the government’s strategy, utilities in India are more focused on water related issues. There is a water scarcity in India especially in some regions where it is becoming critical and now our job is to help these utilities not waste water. For water that is not accounted for, in the absence of a meter or lack of accuracy of the meter, money and resources are lost,” says Amit Vaidya, Strategic Accounts Director, Sensus, a Xylem Brand.

Utilizing Significant Domain Experience to Execute Future Projects
He goes on to inform us that in parallel with his team of dedicated professionals that possess industry-rich expertise and proven solutions, he believes the PMC project will be a complete success owing to its unique experience gained from its successful execution of The Thames Water Smart Metering Program that has been termed as one of the world’s largest smart water projects. The program comprises installing over three million smart water meters in an attempt to meet the scarcity of water that has been predicted by 2040 in UK. Taking this experience and translating it into more positive work carried out across the globe, the company envisions bringing in a change in India with its portfolio of solutions and advancing technologies that will enable data-driven decisions, propel efficiencies in the network, cater to the delivery of 24/7 water supply while creating sustainable and future-proof water networks.

Harnessing the Power of Data
The team at Sensus aims to effortlessly transport and make efficient use of water for customers in public utility, either in residential or commercial settings. Sensus Residential water meters are electromagnetic, assuring high levels of accuracy at low flow, which means water is measured precisely and that valuable information is transmitted through Sensus’ communication solutions to the utility. In addition to that, in the event of an alert, if there are any leakages, it is detected by the meter and the accumulated information is sent to the utility. The utility can then inform the end-users about this type of incidents. “Our solutions provide information beyond just the basic function of water meters and that is valuable information for utilities in day to day water management,” adds Amit.
Assisting Customers with a Portfolio of Solutions
Sensus, a Xylem brand, one of the titans in the world of water technology, proffers a broad range of solution such as Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), Data Analytics, Distribution Automation, Leak Management and Non-Revenue Water management.

The Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), a robust communications network, is not limited to just functioning as a product that provides accurate data measurement but also assures consistent and faster billing resolution with low cost of ownership; permitting the saved resources to be redirected where needed. Creating powerful connections with Smarter Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Sensus FlexNet AMI communication system assures the delivery of high speed, scalable and reliable two-way communications through long-range radio. The system works with smart meters and sensors to create a secure channel that transmits and receives customer usage and other important data.

Sensus smart water system combines smart water meters, advanced sensors, software analytics and services that enables utilities to maximize their return on intelligence through cost reductions, asset utilization, risk mitigation, revenue capture and customer service

The power of the network assures accurate data measurement, consistent billing and faster billing resolution, low cost of ownership, scalability, operational efficiency through advanced data analytics and easy access to data to drive better informed decisions. In conjunction with this, it offers support for multiple Sensus applications including leak detection and water distribution automation.

Improving the Quality of Life
Sensus, with its first factory established in 1843, aims to revolutionize the water industry by helping a broad range of public service providers ranging from utilities to cities to industrial complexes and campuses with its state-of-the-art water meter solutions. The company partners with its clients, helping them achieve their set business goals with innovation in sensing and communications technologies, data analytics and services. The company over the span of decades has gained a massive market presence with its comprehensive suite of cutting-edge solutions and services. Committed to continue bringing about a change and creating a self-sufficient environment, Sensus and Xylem aim to keep innovating and offering value added solutions and services to Indian water utilities.

”Sensus proffers a broad range of solution such as advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), automatic meter reading (AMR), data analytics, distribution automation, leak management and nonrevenue water management”

Electromagnetic Technology enabled Smart Water Meter
iPERL is an electromagnetic technology-enabled smart water meter which is seamlessly integrated with bi-directional communications capability and has a life expectancy of 15 years, ensuring higher ROI and value for money. The product has been engineered to efficiently measure flow rates as low as 1 liter per hour. iPERL proffers a high level of accuracy thus enabling better detection of leakages that may occur. These leaks can be detected by leveraging the near real-time data reads that provide in-depth, holistic and granular intelligence. The features of this product can be further enhanced if used alongside intelligent analytics software Visenti, a Xylem brand View solution. The data recorded by the meter is highly accurate thus helping identify and manage network issues efficiently. In essence, the product, once deployed, assures optimized customer service, secure continuous water supply, addresses environmental challenges, offers quick response to flow changes and increases operational efficiencies.